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Compared to nations overseas, Online Trading or E-broking is still in its early life in India. Yet these days trading online has evolved into a convenient and widely used feature for traders and investors

Bonanza believes in being up-to-date with the latest in markets and technology. Keeping that in mind, we bring our customers the Online Trading feature so that they can trade from anywhere, anytime, anyplace at their own convenience. Clients can now keep track of their trading accounts, receive advice during trading hours and keep an eye on the market all through online broking. It’s tremendously fast, gives you freedom from paperwork and the necessary statements are available to you all the time.

Gone are the days when you left orders with a broker, received confirmations on the price and quantity of the shares at the end of the day and the payment made upfront or received after delays. Your securities settlement took days to reflect in your account. Internet has changed the way you do trading. Just come online, log in and a few seconds and fewer clicks later you would’ve completed your transactions!

Bonanza offers several user-friendly services to customers so that they can manage their portfolios online and make the most of our seamless services.



  • Latest personalized software’s for online trading with real-time streaming quotes.
  • Live margin, position, m2m profit / loss report and a wide host of other related reports to help you keep track of your trading.
  • Digital contract notes delivered automatically to your mail box.
  • Round the clock access to various online reports including Demat account details, m2m profit / loss, realized profit / loss, net position etc
  • Instant credit and transfer using integrated net banking with HDFC, ICICI, UTI Bank and more
  • Alternative means to place trade orders through Bonanza (Call & trade facility available through our toll free numbers)
  • Fully secure transactions via the internet.
  • Friendly customer service desk at your service to cater and resolve your queries, if any!
  • Access to Bonanza’s highly professional research to make your investment decisions more informed and valuable.
  • Fundamental and technical research calls and tips on your mobile.
  • Place orders in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds and IPOs using our online trading platform.
  • Daily SMS alerts and confirmation of your trading activities available on your mobile phone so that you can monitor your daily activity without logging in.


Bonanza Netnetlite

  • Web-based interface with the benefit of real-time data streaming with the flexibility of stock trading from any part of the world.
  • Very user-friendly integrated trading front-end for multiple exchanges.
  • Supports streaming as well as lite streaming (requires low band-width) login option for smooth and economical trading.
  • The market movement displays historical data with latest price updates and the option for viewing the top gainers and losers.
  • Guarantee of secure transactions.
Browser Based
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  2. Netnetlite Login


  • This unique software has to be loaded on your computer to allow you instant updates, information, control and independence to transact as the market session proceeds.
  • Exe. based interface with highly secured transactions.
  • Single screen trading terminal.
  • Intra day, BTST, STBT as well as fundamental Research calls for guiding you towards better investments analyzed by our expert Research team.
  • ODIN Diet is featured with advanced charting tools and indicators.
  • ODIN Diet user can place any number of scripts in the single market watch.
  • ODIN Diet supports handy backup facility for executed trades
  • ODIN Diet tracks your absence at the workstation and locks the workstation immediately.
  • Option to create multiple market watches.
Software Based
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  2. Equity Setup
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