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Bonanza Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (BCS) is a member of Bonanza Group focused on providing financial & strategic business advisory services for Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & middle market Corporates with the primary objective of enhancing our client’s competitiveness & value.

Our Customer centric & research based approach enables us to design services to meet our clients’ specific needs with high level of customization at every stage of the transaction, making us their valued partners for growth. We understand the problems faced by our clients by working closely with them & help them deliver integrated solutions to complex financial & business problems.

BCS specializes in providing advisory services towards strategic Business Advisory, Venture Capital / Private Equity Fund Raising, Debt Syndication, Strategic Investments, and Mergers & Acquisitions

BCS is also engaged in advisory for domestic as well as foreign private equity / venture capital investors for deal flow generation, pre-investment due diligence, valuation, post-investment monitoring and exit strategy

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Services for Corporates


Strategic Business Advisory involves building the financial models & business cases that support the client's drive in delivering organic growth

Our Role:

  1. Helping clients to translate innovative ideas into sound business plan
  2. Keeping the strategic competitive landscape in mind, strengthening the business plan further with a business model by helping companies in various areas like Go-to-Market strategy, distribution, branding, people, business performance management, funding etc.
  3. Helping clients to scale up the business and ensure the transition from early stage to growth stage to be smooth and seamless.

Bonanza Corporate Solutions (BCS) helps start-up, emerging & mature companies to raise capital through Equity as well as Debt. One of the key roles played by us is in financial structuring, wherein we determine the appropriate level of gearing & advice the company whether to leverage, de-leverage or maintain its current debt-equity levels.

Our Role:

  1. Scanning the market for potential investors
  2. Submitting the necessary information, documents and further clarifications required by the Investors
  3. Co-ordinate with Investors and the Company during the process of detailed due diligence
  4. Negotiation with Investor(s) on Valuation and Financial Structuring, terms and conditions of Investment
  5. Securing sanction of Investment from the Fund(s) as per the requirement of the company
  6. Assistance in Finalizations of Investment Agreement/Shareholders’ Agreement with the Investor(s)
  7. Assistance in completion of required legal documentation for closure of transaction

Openness of smaller companies to look for strategic investment opportunities has led to tremendous rise in unlocking of business value by synergizing on various fronts; be it technology, markets, research, financial muscle and more importantly management strength. This has lead to better resource utilization in industries thereby strengthening the Indian Economy.

Our strength lies in identifying strategic investment opportunities based on industry and competition specific value drivers to create long term and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Ever increasing pressures of severe competition, rapid technological change, & rising stock market volatility has compelled Indian companies to dramatically restructure their assets, operations, & contractual relationship with shareholders, creditors & other financial stakeholders. Corporate restructuring has facilitated thousands of organizations to re-establish their competitive advantage & respond more quickly & effectively to new opportunities & unexpected challenges.

Mergers & Acquisitions as a powerful tool for corporate restructuring offers tremendous opportunity for companies to grow & add value to shareholder’s wealth in the long run. Our role in the process is that of both a financial engineer as well as a business consultant.

Buy side role

  1. Preparation of strategic plan
  2. Target identification based on synergies & value drivers
  3. Structuring the deal & initiate due diligence process
  4. Valuation & Negotiation
  5. Deciding on purchase consideration & arranging the required finance in case of cash transaction while deciding share swap ratio in case of share transfer agreements

Sell side role

  1. Understanding the business model and strategic motive of the transactions
  2. Preparation of detailed information memorandum
  3. Helping client’s to identify right partners based on extensive analysis of Industry Structure & Variables
  4. Approaching the partners and initiate the process
  5. Overall due diligence
  6. Valuation
  7. Negotiations to reach on the final definitive agreement



Corporate social Responsibility

Other than being the masters of financial services, Bonanza also believes in the power of giving. We are a company who is socially responsible towards the community and contributes to the well-being of others through various welfare initiatives and charities. Because like they say “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”