My E-Trade

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Although the stock broking industry has undergone a number of changes in the recent times due to the efforts put in by the major broking houses, investors and traders are still looking for a robust solution which gives them complete control over their Investments & Trades. After successfully identifying the need of this kind of solution, Bonanza, the financial powerhouse and one of the biggest players of the stock broking industry has come up with a one of its kind trading application known as My-E-Trade.

My-E-Trade is a pure online trading product which allows investors and traders to use the most technically advanced channels of trading at the fastest speed with the lowest cost. It is the most flexible application available as it allows the traders to trade in all segments. Users can not only trade using their hand held devices but they are also allowed to trade from any part of the world. With all these features, My-E-Trade definitely stands out of the crowd and offers much more than what is offered by competitors.

One of the biggest challenges for the investors and traders has always been finding support on time. To ensure that this no longer remains a challenge, Bonanza has a dedicated support team which is available to help customers with all their queries. Support team is accompanied by Research and Advisory team which is available for all Investors and Traders to provide proper guidance and help them in their trades.

To ensure that maximum Traders use My-E-Trade, Bonanza is offering the cheapest brokerage amongst the mainline brokers under monthly, quarterly and yearly plans with a fixed cost which is definitely icing on the cake for traders. So in one word Trade at brokerage rates offered by discount brokers and at the same time get all the services and benefits offered by Mainline Brokers. Every Trader can customize the interface and have a personalized trading environment to make things easier and faster.

All these and many more features offered by Bonanza’s My-E-Trade makes it the most technologically advanced, flexible yet the cheapest solution available for Investors and Traders.