Trade yourself

“ Dear Client , update and link your Aadhaar number to your trading / DP account maintained with us to enjoy hassle free trading facility.” Call us on toll free 18002666655.

Simple and Pocket Saver: Choose the best brokerage plan as per your trading style. The brokerage plans are very simple and easy to understand breaking away from difficult method of calculating percentage based brokerage. Choose between Per Order Executed, Monthly Plan or Yearly plan to trade in all segments.

Single Software: Single trading software designed to support everything from day trading in all segments coupled with tools for real time reports and more trading tools to give traders the edge and provide them simple yet state of the art trading solution with Omnesys no need to login in different platforms for different segment.

Single Login: Time to break free from keeping different passwords for different services or products. Bonanza provides a single login and password for trading, backoffice reports, analytics, demat a/c reports, funds payin/payout, stock payin/payout etc, , the power of simplicity at your fingertips.

Dedicated Helpdesk: As part of our ongoing commitment to simplify your trading we provide dedicated HELPDESKto ensure fastest turnaround time for your queries via email, phone or chat.

Unrestricted Banking: Bonanza provides funds transfer facility with __ major banks like SBI, Axis Bank, ING Vysya, HDFC, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Bank of India and many more enabling to transact with the bank you already have an account. There is no need to open a new bank account. Check with our HELPDESK to know whether your bank is supported or not.

Access to All Markets: With a single account, Bonanza offers access to equity, derivatives, currency, and commodity on a single platform to ensure smooth trading. You can login to web or the trading platform to trade from wherever, whatever and whenever you want.

Brokerage Plans: Enjoy uninterrupted trading* with our MONTHLY AND YEARLY PLANS. These plans offers you the cheapest brokerage in the market, with all the benefits of trading with a mainline broker. Choose a plan whose fits your trading needs and style.

Maximum Exposure: Trade Intraday up to 5 times exposure. Get immediate credit for sale of your stocks in your account and also get immediate premium credit for selling of option contracts and use it for further exposure.. Use Cover Order facility for even higher exposure, along with stop loss feature. To know more contact HELPDESK.

After Market Order: Convenience to place order anytime for the next day through AMO (after market orders) facility allowing traders to take advantage of the market opening in today's fast paced trading. Imagine the power of AMO if you have to trade something the next day right at the market open. No need to worry about the nervous fingers or network connection and the anxiety to log in the next day at the right time.... simply use AMO.

Personalized Interface: Fully customizable trading environment, complete with prices, market analysis, technical analysis and charting functions to cater to your specific needs so that you can trade smarter and faster.

Options Strategy: Options Strategy on Bonanza’s online trading platform delivers advanced option trading strategies to you like Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly, Bull Spreads, Bear Spread and many more. You can also build your own strategies by using positions from the strategies provided and view payoff tables & payoff graphs for individual positions or a portfolio, and also for the strategies you build.

Advance Charting: Get advanced intraday and historical charts with configurable intervals and back data that are very useful in technical analysis.