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We focus on building your portfolio around small-caps and mid-caps that portray strong fundamentals and growth potential. We look to achieve maximum profits by strategizing your investments through up to 100% allocation in equities with not over 10% in particular stock.

Bonanza Value Fund

(As on 30/6/2018 (Inception since 02/09/2011)

We strategically base investments on the fundamental as well as technical research. Stock selection primarily includes mid-cap stocks which are in up-trend. We strive to deliver high returns through a disciplined investment approach that can include up to 100% asset allocation in equities, diversification of the equity portfolio across multiple sectors, and portfolio balancing by coming in cash when it seems markets may correct.

Bonanza Growth Fund

(As on 30/06/2018 (Inception since 06/04/2010)

Hire us as your Wealth Managers

Investments are subject to market risk, the most popular phrase that you hear at the end of almost every advertisement that promotes wealth management funds, asset management services, or personal investment portfolio products. At Bonanza, we ride on this risk by analyzing market trends and strive to deliver best returns on investments to our clients, through our industry-leading portfolio management services (PMS).

Here we have collated few highlights that define the success of our PMS Strategy...

  • With 50,000 + Wealth Management clients and growing, Bonanza continues to provide robust advisory and portfolio management services.
  • We have consistently outperformed the benchmark composite indices and other major indices for last 5 consecutive years.
  • Bonanza PMS boasts of a large volume of happy customers who have made good returns over a period of time.
  • We have been recognized as the No.1 Valuable Financial Advisory Service Providers in India.
  • Bonanza has been honored with several awards by leading business news channels like CNBC TV 18.



Proven PMS strategy for long-term growth, integrated with portfolio diversification and continuous monitoring


Reliable risk management support and high precision asset management solutions aimed at value addition


Maximization of returns on investment, through solid fund management and investment advisory services


With our capable and trustworthy Portfolio Management Services managers, you can experience proficiency, talent, and expertise, all of which allow us to bring out the best in your portfolio of investments.


With an endeavor to give you the best, Bonanza provides a highly professional market analysis which enables us to address varying investment preferences and deliver maximum returns to our clients.


PMS has better transparency because investor knows the stocks holdings of his portfolio. He knows when and what Fund Manager is doing with his portfolio. Besides, we also have one of the finest and most dedicated research teams with experts who have in-depth, unsurpassed knowledge of the marketplace.


With a complete array of services across all verticals in finance, Bonanza offers you the perfect blend of financial services to help set your goals and of confidently achieve it.


Bonanza functions on an integrated and innovative platform to trade online as well as offline giving its clients the undisputed edge in achieving results.


Our technological prowess and 24X7 Toll-Free numbers allow us to monitor and service our clients at all times and across the entire country. All this and more makes Bonanza the perfect place for you to take your first step in the direction of financial success.

Minimum Ticket Size for PMS Investment is Rs. 25 Lacs


3 Months Returns
3 Months Returns
6 Months Returns
6 Months Returns
1 Year Returns
1 Year Returns
3 Year Returns
3 Year Returns
BONANZA VALUE FUND -3.06 -18.43 -5.12 20.28
Nifty Free Float Midcap 100 -13.97 2.55 14.71 12.96
Nifty Free Small cap 100 -7.88 -21.07 -1.82 9.85

*(As on 30/6/2018 (Inception since 02/09/2011)

3 Months Returns
3 Months Returns
6 Months Returns
6 Months Returns
1 Year Returns
1 Year Returns
3 Year Returns
3 Year Returns
3 Year Returns
5 Year Returns
BONANZA GROWTH FUND 4.49 -6.72 14.14 21.61 29.18
NIFTY 50 5.94 1.74 12.53 8.14 12.68
Nifty Free Float Midcap 100 -13.97 2.55 14.71 12.96 19.34
Nifty Free Smallcap 100 -7.88 -21.07 -1.82 9.85 19.23
SENSEX 7.45 4.01 14.56 8.55 12.59

*(As on 30/06/2018 (Inception since 06/04/2010)



Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a tailor-made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutional entities with high net worth. In simple words, a PMS provides professional management of your investments to create wealth.

We provide each client an audited tax statement of his portfolio annually. This can be used for calculating your tax liability and henceforth filing returns. However, we advice all our clients to consult their tax consultant before the filing of their tax returns.

As a part of our service offering and in an endeavor to provide complete transparency of the dealings in the clients PMS account, the following reports are emailed to the clients to their registered email id mailed to the correspondence address, which will enable the clients to track their portfolios. The reports are sent on a monthly basis before the 10th of the next month.

  • Account Performance Statement
  • Holding Statement
  • Transaction Statement
  • Capital Movement Statement
  • Corporate Action Statement
  • Audited reports certified by a CA will be sent to all clients annually after March yearend audit is completed.

You can open a PMS account with us if you are:

  • An Individual
  • A Hindu Undivided Families
  • An Association of Persons
  • A Limited Companies
  • An NRI, overseas company, firm, society or an overseas trust (subject to RBI approval)

Yes, you can open a PMS account with a combination of cheque and stocks. The initial portfolio of securities/ shares will be re-aligned as per the fund manager?s portfolio.

The PMS is open to all Indian nationals, resident or otherwise. NRIs will have to open a Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) Account as required under RBI guidelines in order to invest in the PMS scheme.

Your PMS account will activate only after you deposit a minimum of Rs. 25 lacs in the account (combination of Cheque and Stocks). To put in money, you can use one of the following modes of payment:

  • Cheque
  • NEFT
  • Stocks transfer

SEBI Regn. No.: INM000012306 | NSE CM: INB 230637836 | NSE F&O: INF 230637836 | NSE CDS: INE 230637836 |
BSE CM: INB 011110237 | BSE F&O: INF 011110237 | MCX-SX: INE 260637836 USE: INE 270637833 | CDSL: a) 120 33500 |
b) 12033503 (Delhi) | NSDL: a) IN 301477 | b) IN 301688 (Delhi) | PMS: INP 000000985 | AMFI: ARN -0186


While we do what we do best, we are prepared to perform at a different level altogether, in order to add more and more gains to your portfolio. If you would like to know further details or discuss the proposal with our representatives, kindly contact us

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